WELCOME TO THE BURKE & ALLEN COMEDY SHOW: where we use capital letters to denote excitement! And also exclamation marks! And most importantly, we never let facts get in the way of a good story.

Each week, Amy and Geri address the MOST pressing topics: those issues that are on everyone's mind from when they rise in the morning to when they pull the covers over their head and double tap on Instagram until they finally fall unconscious. HOW do these intrepid women know which issues are most pressing, you may find yourself silently shouting? Well first and foremost, they do all the most essential research: careful perusal of the Metro and Evening Standard while face-planting into the glass partition of an over-crowded Central Line train; surreptitiously reading this week's copy of HELLO magazine while queuing to buy cheese at Sainsbury's; dutifully checking BBC news alerts before going back to Snapchatting pictures of cats with funny filters (the snap Geri sent of her cat vomiting rainbows is THE BEST). What we're saying is the standard of research is exemplary and the methods are exhaustive. This is a ~very serious~ comedy web series. Seriously. So join us, won't you? We promise it'll be absurd.

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