Bebe van der Belt (a glamorous American) and Miss Luna Peach (a cheeky Brit) conspire to host the most divinely decadent evening anyone has ever seen. However, everything spirals into spectacular pandemonium, chaos and catastrophe! Come for the songs, stay for the shenanigans. Featuring a live band, lashings of sequins, an accordion and – of course – a kazoo. (There will also be a drinking game or two.) Join Bebe+Luna for a ravishing night of raucous delight! 

The critics loved will too!

'The brainchild of Amy Burke and Geri Allen, The Cabaret Farce is packed with genial, slapstick comedy bolstered by powerhouse vocals and an even stronger three-piece jazz band...It is big on comedy, but the foundation is the solid band and two leading ladies who seriously know how to sell a number.'  -Paul Vale, The Stage


Have we piqued your curiosity? Check out some highlights from our performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, featuring the incomparable Sazerac Boys!